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The quality of the air in your home is essential to your family’s health. Air quality can jeopardize other things too—such as your budget and comfort levels. There are a number of different ways we can improve the air quality in your home. Call us today to get your family breathing easier.


Healthy Climate brand home air cleaning unit

Air Cleaners

The benefits of air purifiers and cleaners are widespread. A good air cleaner can reduce the amount of allergens, debris and odors in your home. Excessive pet dander and dust in the home can cause dangerous breathing problems for your family if they are not properly filtered out. These days, indoor air quality ranks amongst one of the most important features for home and business owners. Air cleaners come in many different sizes—and Wiegand Heating & Cooling has a ton to choose from, all for many different needs. Call us today to discuss what time of problems your family is having and we can suggest the best solution and system for your home. Installation is simple and easy!
  • Traps unwanted odors and debris in your home.
  • Purifies your air while keeping it clean.
  • Removes contaminants, avoiding serious health issues.
Healthy Climate brand home humidifier unit


Sometimes the air around us tends to get overly dry. Especially during Michigan winters. Humidifiers put moisture back into the air, which can create a number of benefits for you and your family. Increasing the level of humidity in your home can lower your likeliness of contracting airborne viruses such as the flu. It’s also been shown to have a number of different benefits for your skin as well. Improve your family’s lifestyle and lessen their chances for illness by purchasing one of our state of the art humidifiers. A good humidifier can even lower your heating bills in the winter months! There are so many benefits from having such a simple device. Call us today. Our company can educate you on the proper care and usage.
  • Makes your home environment warmer, without paying extra for heat.
  • Improves your family’s sleeping habits.
  • Removes toxins from the air.
Healthy Climate brand home fresh air intake unit

Fresh Air Intakes

Having a proper air intake system is an essential extra ventilation component for your home. This fresh air intake creates a healthier interior environment, ensuring that plenty of fresh air is entering your property and that dangerous backdrafts are being avoided. Many people are concerned that the addition of this air into their homes will cause energy bills to rise significantly. In actuality, they tend to drop! By installing a simple device to cause this air to enter in just one place instead of many different places, the thermostat that controls your furnace and air conditioner may actually cycle on fewer times each day. Thus, saving on your energy and heating bills. Such a small solution with such huge savings! If your equipment doesn’t already contain a fresh air intake, let us install one for you.
  • Makes your air more breathable.
  • Removes pollutants.
  • Reduces window sweating in the winter months.
Home guardian air PHI Cells

Guardian Air PHI Cell

Improve the indoor air quality of your property with a Guardian Air PHI Cell air purification system. This product is designed to eliminate sick building syndrome risks by reducing odors, air pollutants, smoke, mold, gases and micro-viruses in the air. The cells are easily mounted into air conditioning and heating systems. By using oxygen to seek out and destroy pollutants at the source, these cells proactively assist in bettering your family’s health! This PHI technology (photohydroionization) creates a group of super oxide ions that revert back into O2 and H2O. One of the most harmless products there is! Completely safe for you and your family. Let us help you install one of the most efficient residential and commercial air cleaning solutions on the market.
  • Removes the smell of must in your home.
  • Eliminates VOC and harmful air.
  • Purifies contaminants at the source.
Healthy Climate brand ultraviolet light unit

Ultraviolet Lights

Conventional air conditioner filters are great for reducing the amount of larger inorganic particles that infiltrate your ductwork. But what about the smaller microorganism that are living in your home’s indoor environment? UV lights are a great addition to any home air quality system. These systems are installed inside your ducts, from there, they penetrate any microorganisms they may find—eliminating any and all germs. These UV lights are efficient and harmless, disinfecting your air multiple times a day without you even knowing. Safely sterilize the indoor air quality of your home or office. To learn more about how your home can benefit from UV lights, call us today to speak to one of our highly skilled technicians.
  • Constantly disinfects your home.
  • Eliminates all germs.
  • Removes microorganisms that some machines cannot reach.
Healthy Climate brand media filter unit

Media Filters

Media filters are extremely efficient systems since they’re thicker than most other air quality systems. They also have one of the highest efficiency ratings available in the industry. In our industry, the higher the rating, the more efficient the filter. Meaning that fewer dust particles will distribute throughout your home. Leaving the air in your home cleaner than ever. These filters are extremely quiet, and at a low cost point. If you are prone to allergies, have young children or elderly family members living with you—we encourage you to invest in a good air quality product and system. Media filters can get the job done. Start breathing in cleaner air.
  • Collects more dust particles than ever before.
  • Extremely affordable option.
  • Product lifespan of well over a year.
Healthy Climate brand HRV Heat-Recovery Ventilator unit

HRV Heat-Recovery Ventilator

The perfect solution of home and business owners that want to make their space feel less “stuffy.” Heat recovery ventilation (HRV) is an energy recovery ventilation system which employs a countercurrent heat exchange between the inbound and outbound air flow. As hot and cold air pass each other, their energy is exchanged, allowing fresh air being brought into the house and allowing the home to heat or cool as necessary. This process enhances your comfort and helps control wintertime condensation inside. Opening a window can help to make your inside air feel cleaner and more breathable, but it’s not possible during Michigan’s hot summer and freezing winter months. HRV provides fresh air and improved climate control, while also saving energy by reducing costs.
  • Freshens air without producing ozone.
  • Eliminates fumes from outside coming in.
  • No energy is wasted.

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